Canadian Association of Certified Planning Technicians

CACPT is a non-profit, self- governing body dedicated to maintaining high standards for Planning Technicians and other related planning professionals. In March 1978, a Provincial Charter was issued to the Canadian Association of Certified Planning Technicians with a mandate to create an Association that would bring together Planning Technicians throughout Canada.The responsibility of governing CACPT rests with an elected Board of Directors consisting of the Council and the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee is comprised of the President, Vice President, Registrar, Treasurer, Secretary and Executive Director. The Board of Directors is elected from the membership at the Annual General Meeting. All applications for membership are processed by the Registration Board which is appointed by the Council.

CACPT is dedicated to protecting and maintaining the high standards of its members. The Association ensures the standards it upholds through registration, examination and reclassification programs. CACPT has also published and enforces a Code of Ethics for its members.

Full members have the right to vote, hold office and use the title “Certified Planning Technician” and use the abbreviation “CPT” after their names on correspondence, etc. Full and Associate members receive a certificate bearing their name and the Association seal. Upon approval and payment of dues all members receive a copy of the Association By-law and membership card


CACPT Profiles provide a general overview of the organization downloadable for viewing and printing.

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