11114769_10153266369379522_6458077581351344929_nExecutive Director’s Message – George T. Zajac, CPT, MCIP, RPP

Welcome to the Canadian Association of Certified Planning Technicians, the CACPT. Our Association, now in its 39th year of operation, is dedicated to maintaining high standards for Planning Technicians and other related planning professionals throughout the country.

In 1978 a Provincial Charter was issued to CACPT with a mandate to create an association that would bring together Planning Technicians in Canada. In 1995, the Association was incorporated by a Letter Patent as a non profit corporation with Industry Canada. The organization is dedicated to protecting and maintaining the high standards of its members

Full members have the right to vote, hold office and to use the title “Certified Planning Technician” or “CPT” after their names on correspondence, etc. Full and Associate members receive a certificate bearing their name and the Association seal. Upon approval and payment of dues all members receive a copy of the Association By-law and membership card.  Members of the Association also receive job circulations and are connected to our wide network of employers and fellow members across the country.

Again, our 2016 AGM & Conference, “Let’s Meet Downtown” in Hamilton was a success.  Delegates were informed of Hamilton’s revitalization of Hamilton’s Downtown, including its heart, Gore Park and one of its major arteries, James Street North.  As always, thank you to all the volunteers, Council, those that attended, our sponsors and the speakers.  Also, our 2016 Alberta workshop in Red Deer was another memorable event held this past year.  Thank you to our Alberta Council members, volunteers and speakers for holding this informative workshop on “GIS – Emergency Fire Planning”, including Olds College for attending.

Thank you to everyone for their continued support, including at our accredited schools, Olds College, Langara College, COGS, Mohawk College and Fanshawe College.

I look forward to seeing everyone at school, at a workshop or at a social this upcoming year.

As always, ‘stay connected’ with one another, as well as with the Association.

 I value communication with our members so please remember that if you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me.