Being a part of CACPT has been a great pleasure and a continuous learning experience. As students, it is nice to have an opportunity to contribute to a group that offers exposure to the professional world through various networking opportunities. As student representatives, we advocate on behalf of the students to express any of their suggestions to council. The Association is accommodating to students and allows them to convey their view on how the organization can progress as a whole. CACPT has always been a well-connected support group that stays on the cusp of technology and opportunity. Being an active part of this Association allows us to follow the development of the association and ensure that future student members have the same opportunities and representation in their participation. The current students are excited to tackle their next endeavour, knowing that they can always “stay connected”.

Michael Doyle, Christine Lee & Lauren Unelli
Mohawk College Representatives

I have been part of the planning industry for almost forty years and was part of CACPT from the early beginnings. I have watched the Association grow into the professional organization that it is today. As a professional firm, we at IBI group, hire only Planning Technicians that have graduated from one of the accredited schools and carry the CPT designation or are eligible for membership. As an experienced mentor for the Planning Technicians I can attest to the importance of CACPT membership and the professionalism that comes with it and its members.

John S. Ariens, CPT, MCIP, RPP
Associate Director
IBI Group (Hamilton Office)

As both a long standing professor in the Urban & Regional Planning Technician Program at Mohawk College and as a Planning Technician myself, I have an immense appreciation for the importance of the Canadian Association of Certified Planning Technicians and the value of membership in it. I have been a member of the Association for over 30 years and have benefited from it in the advancement of my own career as well as those of my students. Through the Association’s job circulations, yearly conferences and newsletters among other initiatives members are exposed to jobs and issues relevant to Technicians. The CPT designation is crucial to a successful career as a Planning Technician since it signifies an applicant possesses a level of education and training an employer is seeking. I have seen the Association grow and mature over the years offering more services and benefits to its members and making membership in it more relevant than ever.

Joan Keating, CPT, MCIP, RPP
Professor (Mohawk College)
Urban and Regional Planning Technician – GIS Program

As a longtime member of the CACPT, I look forward every year to the annual Professional Development Conference (PDC). This event always features current and relevant topics presented by some of the best in the planning field. It’s a great place to meet and mingle with the very diverse and talented members of the association and the event’s guest speakers. I’m very proud to be able to involve Dillon Consulting Limited as a sponsor of this amazing annual event, and Dillon will continue to support the event in the future.

Joseph Marchant, CPT
Planning Technician
Dillon Consulting Limited (Oakville Office)